<head><title>Polls and Trivia Questions</title></head>


    # this script will place a header at the top of the page
          include "includes/header.php";

    #query for all polls
          $all_polls_query="SELECT * FROM pollquestion";

          include "includes/db_connect.php";

    #send poll question query to database, load result into "question_result"

    #loop through answer result set and display
          echo "$font2 <br>";

          while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($all_polls_result)) {
            echo "<b>$myrow[3]: <a href=\"pollform.php?clicked_pollquestionintid=
            $myrow[0]&clicked_pollquestiontype=$myrow[3]\">$myrow[1]</a></b><br> $myrow[2]<br><br>";


          echo "<font>";


    <table width="300">
        <td width="300" align="left">
          View <a href="txt_docs/index.php">Source Code</a></td></tr></table>


    # this script will place a footer at the bottom of the page
          include "includes/footer.html";